Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Revolutionary Approach to Digestive Health

Revolutionary Approach to Digestive Health
Your intestinal tract contains over 100 trillion bacteria—both good and
bad. The friendly or healthy bacteria are vital to proper development
of the immune system, to protection against microorganisms that
could cause disease, and to the digestion and absorption of food and
nutrients.1 Creating and maintaining a healthy balance of beneficial
bacteria can best be achieved by using probiotics. Probiotics are tiny
organisms that help restore health and balance to the intestinal tract.
When selecting a probiotic supplement, the most important factors
are: guaranteeing the supplement contains the specific probiotic
strains and species that have a known pedigree and are backed
by research, and then ensuring the probiotics can be kept alive and
viable until they are delivered to the site of action.
Probiotic is a revolutionary probiotic supplement created with the most
proven species of probiotics in the world and is guaranteed to deliver
live, healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract. QORE Probiotic uses
Trisphere™ technology, the most advanced delivery system available
on the planet, and is the only delivery technology that can guarantee
the number of beneficial organisms that will actually make it into your
GI tract alive, viable, and
Healthy Bacteria Can Help Strengthen Your Overall Health
The good bacteria live, colonize, thrive, and reproduce in your
gastrointestinal tract, beginning just below the stomach, and form a
complex and enormously diverse ecosystem. These resident bacteria
synthesize the B-complex vitamins, crowd out yeast and parasites, help
regulate blood cholesterol levels, and produce antibiotic compounds.2
When the bacteria in your gut are abundant and healthy, they promote
good health, prevent illness, and protect your well-being. Their
health is literally your health. Maintaining a healthy intestinal tract
is essential because your GI tract contains 80% of the cells that
make immune antibodies. Get free samples TODAY!
Every day you make choices and are exposed to environmental
stressors and that compromise and diminish these good bacteria—junk
foods, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, pesticides, antibiotics,
chlorinated drinking water, and other toxins. These factors, along with
your own lifestyle choices including inadequate nutrition, alcohol, and
stress can all wreak havoc in the gastrointestinal tract by destroying
healthy bacteria in your gut. Enjoy life the great health start TODAY!
Get your free samples TODAY!
Improves Healthy DIgestion,
Immune System Function,
and Nutrient Absorption*

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