Friday, February 4, 2011

7 Surefire Ways To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

*The best time to exercise is in the AM to help set your metabolism for the day.
*Breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day,and you need a balance of ideal protein to carbohydrates.
*Most people eat way to many carbohydrates, that causes your blood sugar to spike. When blood sugar spikes, insulin is activated to quickly
stabilize the sugar from your bloodstream by transporting the sugar into your cells.
*It's important to remember that your food choices each morning will determine if your body will store or burn fat. In addition, your breakfast choices help determine whether you'll feel hungry or satisfied, tired or energized.

* You want to go by the 80% rule, which means only eat 80% full, not 100% plus.
*Do not skip any of your meals it throws off your metabolism.
*The last meal of the day shouldn't be any later than three hours before bed time.

*We eat 300 more calories per day than 35 years ago, with much less nutritious foods.
* Nearly 70% of adults are overweight or obese.
*Research shows that small changes can lead to big improvements in the health of individuals.
*When you are able to produce fresh ideas, you're on the road to a healthier life.
*Occasionally in life, we feel uncomfortable as a matter of fact, this is usual. Are you willing to accept your irritations with your weight?
*Are you ready to take action to shift your body to optimum health for greater longevity?
*The first key is to stop making excuses. When you learn to tell yourself the truth your on your way to better health.
*When you learn to tell the truth, you'll have to commit self to learning fresh habits to better eating habits. It's your life enjoy it in great health

When was the last time you felt really alive?

Make it a healthy and happy day!


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