Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days Video

Hi Health Friends,

If I were to ask you to eat a raw food diet, would
you consider that to be a radical diet? (I think most
people would!)
Or would you consider eating pesticides, herbicides,
hormones, and other manufactured chemicals found
in everyday foods to be radical?
It’s a pretty interesting question to ask…
Most people would say that a raw food diet that
consists of eating fruits and vegetables grown in the
ground is radical…
and they think that eating everyday manufactured foods
that are full of toxic chemicals to be normal.
So what’s happened in our culture to make us believe
that eating these crazy ingredients is good for us?

Mike Adams, one of the world’s leading consumer
advocates on health and well-being, sat down with
Alex Ortner, producer of the film "Simply Raw" to
discuss this topic.
The interview is another eye-opening interview in
the 100% fr*ee Simply Raw Video Series that has
been released over the last week.
If you want real solutions to real health problems
then I highly suggest you see this video:


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