Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Ten Commandments to Contagious Health

#1: Get out of Bed and have a Big Glass of Electricity!

Minerals, minerals, minerals. These are as important as oxygen for life to be created and maintained. And the minerals must be ionic to be
able to conduct electricity. Our body is a magnificently orchestrated electrical machine.
What conducts the electricity? Minerals, minerals, minerals 

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#2: Protect your Brain at all times – take the Einstein Pill everyday.
Are you a body with a mind or a mind with a body? The mind runs everything, it is the control center that sends instructions for our entire
body to run properly. The modern-day plague of Alzheimer’s Disease puts this in total perspective. No brain, no life.

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#3: Have an Immune System as strong as an Ox

The Bible tells us the body is the temple of our spirit. It’s a physical structure of amazing sophistication and complexity. Don’t let any invaders get into this structure and destroy it.

Have you ever stopped to look at the spelling of “disease”? It is dis-ease. Our body is out of ease. Cancer, Tuberculosis, Polio, AIDS, Lupus,
Diabetes, Influenza, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Lou Gehrig’s Disease and Leukemia – these are all states of disease
To have an immune system as strong as an Ox requires more than just taking one or two herbs or vitamins. You need a system in its own right just like your immune system is.

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#4: Feed your Heart with Love and Nutrition

Your heart is your link to our Creator. Every single beat of your heart tells you that you are alive and telling your mother, your father, and God that you are here for them.

Yet America’s #1 killer is heart disease, taking nearly 1 million of us annually. And over 70 million people live with some form of heart disease
like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, angina (chest pain), heart attack and congenital heart defects. And it will likely get
worse, as the front end of the baby boom generation is just now reaching their mid-60’s.

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#5: Kill Cholesterol Before Cholesterol Kills You

A strong heart alone is not enough to stave off a heart attack. High cholesterol and a second, yet lesser known culprit, Homocysteine, are the
silent killers that clog up arteries, inflame the veins and lead to Alzheimer’s.
How do you reduce your risk of heart disease? Simple – change your diet from animal sourced meats to plant sourced food such as
vegetables, beans, grains, fruits, nuts and seeds. Eliminate all milk, cheese, butter, ice cream. Switch to heart healthy soymilk and tofu.

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#6: Don’t Get Eaten Alive by Free Radicals

Free Radicals in case you did not know, are the common denominator in over 54 of the world’s most degenerative diseases. They occur
naturally as part of the life process and very simply, they are the very building blocks of cancer, Alzheimer’s, Leukemia – you name it.

They wreak havoc, and do it silently. Free Radicals are electrically impaired molecules with a voracious appetite for cellular tissue. Do you
remember the arcade game Pac-Man? That’s what Free Radicals are like – they eat everything around them.
Premature aging is the first sign of their destruction. Liver spots on the hands. Sagging skin. To get rid of them you need Antioxidants. The
body makes some of its own but it needs reinforcements.

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#7: You Insure Your House – Wouldn’t You Want to Insure Your Body?

I was speaking to a doctor last year who had brain cancer 15 years ago. He recovered, but it came back. I asked what he had done nutritionally in those 15 years.

“Oh, nothing – everything you need is in your food.”
Unfortunately the truth is our soil in most regions of the world is depleted of vital nutrients and therefore dead. Our body requires the basic
building blocks of vitamins, minerals, peptides, proteins, enzymes and phyto-nutrients to function and protect.

How do we provide these essential nutrients in today’s world? Does it have to mean taking handfuls of pills, capsules and powders? Not any more.

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#8: Love your Liver and Live Longer

In Chinese medicine, the Liver is revered as
“the general of the body’s army – in charge of battle strategy and peace”
Maybe this is why Chinese medicine works so wonderfully to trigger unbridled health and healing. Every drop of blood goes through the liver
countless times a day. The liver makes cholesterol, proteins, stores vitamins for later use, burns fats and is key to all health. Yet in the
Western world it is ignored and abused with tobacco, alcohol and junk food.

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#9: Receive God’s Wisdom Every Day

Ezekiel, the ancient Biblical prophet had it right.
“The fruit of the tree will be your meat, the leaf thereof, your medicine”
All the evidence is now on the table – eat at least 8 organic fruits and vegetables a day and you reduce the chances of cancer, heart disease,
cholesterol, arthritis, etc. dramatically. Organically fruits and vegetables, grown in nutrient rich soil, contain the ionic minerals that conduct
and create life.
How many of us actually eat 8 servings of fruit and vegetables every day?

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#10: Drink the “Li Chung Yun Tea of the Immortals” each Day and Night

I have it on good authority that the Dalai Lama does not drink Starbucks. Nor did Ghandi, Lord Shiva or Buddha or Muhammad.

My grandmother lived to be 98 on a strict diet of no meat, no dairy, no smoking, no alcohol and a gallon of tea a day. I know about the tea

because as a child growing up, I made it for her. Tea is magical and has magical powers. When in Shanghai a few years ago, I discovered an

amazing elixir-tea at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was known as Li Chung Yun Tea or the Tea of the Immortals.

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Create a healthy life starting NOW!

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