Friday, April 8, 2011

How Can 'The Customer Advantage' Benefit a Business?

How Can 'The Customer Advantage' Benefit a Business?

There are two key ways that the Customer Advantage can help expand an owner’s business.

First – Using the Zero Cash Risk Service to Advertise their Business.

Getting the word out about their business FAST and without any upfront costs. This is huge because they are basically advertising for FREE.

Their business will offer one of their products and services at a discount to entice member’s of the Customer Advantage to buy their offer.

The offer is only good for a short period of time and when it is complete, their business gets the cash upfront minus the customer advantage

fee. It’s very simple to setup a campaign. They just fill out the form that you provide. A TCA representative will then contact the business on

how to setup, design and market their discount campaign. The representative will do all the work for the business.

When the campaign launches, it will be sent out to all the members giving them an opportunity to buy the business’s discounted product or
service. Those that do become instant customers put instant cash into their business.

Why is this better than traditional advertising? Both cost money but one is upfront out of pocket expense while the Customer Advantage is

from money coming in from customer purchases.

With the Customer Advantage the business seeing a real return on a zero cash risk investment while traditional advertising can bring in totally

random results.

Second – Tell Your Customers About the Customer Advantage

Why would the business want to do this? Well because TCA pays a 5% referral commissions on not only the business’s customers but also

down 5 tiers which is just unheard of in the industry.

What could this mean for the business? Basically it allows them to expand their profit reach into areas that have nothing to do with their main

business just by signing people to the Customer Advantage. Once customer are signed up and tagged to a business as the referrer, the

business will earn from them for life as well as anyone else they introduce. It costs them nothing to join and there is never any obligation to

buy anything.

Can you see what this could do for a business’s bottom line? Now the business can earn on their customers potential purchases.

Here is an example that you could explain to a business

“Say you own a car tune shop. You sign-up to give 50% off tune ups. You set up your campaign with the Customer Advantage for free with

zero out of pocket expense. They advertise your offer and the next day you sell 200 tune-ups. Let’s say a tune goes for $80 so half off is

$40. That’s $40 x 200 which equals 8000 minus the fee which is usually 50% so that gives you $4000 in the register and 200 new customers.

They will start pouring in your business and of course you can offer them other up-sell items as well. But the main point is to try to turn them

into a potential repeat customer.”

“Now with these new people coming into your company this is where word of mouth starts to happen, and you start getting other customers.

Now when they come in they see a little take away card at the register that says join the Customer Advantage for Free to get discount offers

in your area. And maybe your staff staples it to their receipt or you even have you have a little ad auto printed on the invoice/receipt. Do this

enough and a certain percentage will sign-up. And from there a percentage of those will purchase discounted deals which puts 5% of that

deal in your pocket. That’s profit your company would have never seen without the Customer Advantage.”

“The potential for expanding your business here is enormous.”

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